A quick blog about Lions

Since the beginning of this year we have been spoilt by lion sightings.

We hear them roaring close by and they regularly wake us up at night…….

We see them when we are coming back from getting the mail…

We see them passing the house…..


We see them just ‘lion’ around….


And we even see them pooping….

So we are very spoilt, and because of this we almost take them for granted and see them as big ol’ kitty cats.

Until…. you are at a lion sighting and this big male just walks straight at you, looking you in the eye… and then when he passes the car, so close that you can almost touch him, you realise that he is huge, almost level with the car window…. then, when the goosebumps subside, you are once again aware that these are Lions, and they are the owners of the Bush!