The Lion's Roar - things I have learnt (part 1)

Since living here on Grietjie I have learnt a lot about roaring lions.

First of all I have learnt that the lion does NOT sleep tonight but prefers to spend it’s time roaring with well timed intervals to prevent you sleeping … or alternatively waking you up early in the morning.

One would also think that if they prevent you sleeping that the prey animals such as impala would also be wide awake and alert. This however is not the case, they just continue about their business. They are probably aware that if a lion is noisy, you at least know where they are, it’s the quiet ones you have to be aware of.

Also each lion has it’s own way of roaring, some start off quietly to reach a full crescendo and then stop, others are exactly opposite, going straight for a full throated roar only to tail off as if they have forgot what they are doing…

So when you picture a lion roaring, what do you see? Probably something like this:

The cliché of a roaring lion… (picture credit not supplied)

The cliché of a roaring lion… (picture credit not supplied)

A majestic male lion, mane blowing in the wind, roaring away, preferably on a rocky outcrop. But I have seen quite a few lions roaring in the past years and have learnt that lions can roar in any position….not all of them majestic….