Three years!

And so the sun sets on our third year of living here at Adonsonia Lodge in the beautiful Grietjie Nature Reserve.

It has been an amazing time…

We enjoy stunning sunsets every day and go to sleep with the sound of lions roaring, impala’s grunting and jackals yapping.

We see giraffes from the kitchen window and elephants from the couch. We have seen monkeys and bushbuck grow from baby to adult. We have rescued bats and birds, and chased away warthogs and elephants 😲

We have seen over 150 species of birds, have seen the big five from our porch, and had three of them actually in our garden.

Ellie in the garden.jpg

And in between we have been working hard at making the lodge even better.

We have planted aloes, and lost trees. Mixed countless buckets of cement and paint. Put up a grass roof and lost a tin one. Waited months for supplies and then had a better idea in the meantime. Refurbished furniture and renovated bathrooms. And finally, finally gotten rid of the horrible peach colour that was on the walls everywhere, inside and out!


And last but definitely not least we have hosted our guests, all of which have been an absolute delight. Some were friends coming to see what we had made of the place, others came as strangers and left as friends!

Over the three years we can definitely see that we are getting more bookings, but all likes and shares are welcome to make the lodge more popular and easier to find. (Did you know you can now book directly from the website and the facebook page?)

Thank you all for supporting us in our dream of “Sharing our piece of paradise, one stay at a time” at Adonsonia Lodge. And here’s to many more years to come!